The eldest of three in an unconventional family making their way through The Great Depression, Betty narrates this humorous and poignant recollection. Although poor in possessions, Betty’s family leads a life so rich in turmoil that it rivals today’s sitcoms.

Betty’s young parents tie and untie the marital knot three times amidst a string of separations. When relatives become too weary to keep the children, Betty and her siblings are dropped off at The Home for the Friendless where they enjoy three meals a day, indoor plumbing, a grassy playground, and plenty of holiday parties.

When the family reunites two years later, the roller coaster resumes as they move many times across two states, proving that love overcomes all and that normal isn’t always better.

See Betty “live” and hear her tell about the Home for the Friendless in her own words:

YouTube Preview Image

Betty’s first book, Dancing in My Nightgown, also published by Stephens Press, is a memoir that takes readers on a journey much later in her life … widowed after almost 49 years of marriage.

Again, her sense of humor carries us through the good and bad times as Betty struggles
to find her place in the world again.

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